Guest Blogger: Rachel the Hat

1/26/2013 05:00:00 pm

Und der nächste Gast-Blogger in fröhlicher Runde ist Rachel - ich liebe ihren farbenfrohen Stil und tollen Fotohintergründe! Ganz abgesehen ist sie soo sympathisch und nett. Also schnell mal rüber zu ihrem Blog!

And the next guest blogger for this week is Rachel - I love her colourful style and beautiful photo backgrounds! This aside, she's also soo likeable and nice. So, quickly hop over to her blog!


Hello lovely friends of Kati here at Almost Stylish, how are you this cold winters day (unless of course you are an antipodean then happy summers day to you!)
Whilst the poor Kati is recovering from her wisdom teeth romoval ordeal she very kindly asked if i would do a little guest post for her. Needless to say i jumped at the chance.
So, I'm Rachel.. nice to meet you! I blog over at my little corner of the world wide web called Rachel The Hat, where i mostly play dress up and show the world my outfits. What can i say, i guess i never grew out of the dressing up stage!;-)
So whats to know about me?
I am
A Hat wearing

Pattern Mixing

 Bright Coat Buyer

 Coloured Tights Enthusiast

  With a  love for retro prints

 And peter pan collars

And sometimes i wear Trousers
Nice to meet you! 
I am also a novice knitter, coffee drinking,Vintage lover, mama and wifey, Travel agent, shoe hoarder and general happy lady! But thats enough about me? How about you?! I would just love to meet you! Feel free to come on by my little online home Rachel The Hat anytime!

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  1. Great guest post, you have the most incredibly chic and inventive style!

  2. danke für deinen kommentar !
    du hast einen echt schönen
    blog,ich folge dir jetzt,du
    mir auch ? :) , lg♥

  3. Aw I love Rachel and her beautiful blog! Her pretty dresses and fun color combinations always get me inspired...and she is so sweet as well :-)

  4. om my goodness. The color of the tights you wear in the " With a love for retro prints" photo is simply perfect! Where are they from? Oh, if you could not tell, I'm a colored tights enthusiast too! xx

  5. I love Rachel style so much! I am off to check out her blog!

    I hope you recover fast... i know how awful that is!


  6. Oh my word, this girl has got fantastic, colorful style! I'm so checking her blog out now :)

    Enter to win an $80 voucher to MsDressy!
    Trendy Teal

  7. This is adorable. I love how colorful these outfits are without being too much. Hard line to toe, great job.

  8. so nice

  9. Hello! I came across your wonderful blog and I'm your newest follower! :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Let me know!

  10. Wow I love rach's style!!! I'm off to check out her blog now :) great post xx

  11. hi pretty! you have a really cool blog! your style is woow!
    i also invite u to visit mine, i hope u like it!

  12. very interesting post! always interesting to learn a little more about your preferences and tastes! good style and good choice!

  13. hey danke für deinen kommi ;) finde deinen blog auch ganz toll!

  14. Dankeschön :) Dein Blog gefällt mir auch super! <3

  15. danke sehr! ich kann's nur zurückgeben,wirklich! :)

  16. Schönes Mädchen. Mag das letzte Outfit sehr :)

  17. What a lovely guest blogger! She is very cute!

  18. I enjoy the mix of colors in this outfit!

  19. thank you so much :)
    beautiful photos :)


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