(Someone Else's) Three Things Thursday

Hallo, Kathrin hier von con.hilo! Während Kati eine kleine Pause macht, zeige ich euch heute meine drei Donnerstag-Fotos: // Hello, Kathrin here from con.hilo! Whilst Kati takes a little break, I show you Three Things of my Thursday today:

Neue Produkte online stellenBilder der Kinder, mit denen ich arbeite. Rundsäume nähen.

Uploading new items to the shop. Images of the children I work with. Sewing round hemlines.


Guest Post: Sara of Swing the Day Away

I'm taking a little break from blogging and asked the lovely Sara if she wanted to guest post - she's a favourite blogger of mine and I'm so glad she is on my blog today!

Hello Almost Stylish readers! I'm Sara, and I blog over at Swing The Day Away. There you will find posts about outfits, recipes, travels, and life in general. I live in New England, so I'm very excited to be guest blogging on an international blog! I took German in college and I loved the language because it's so different from English. Unfortunately, I never became really fluent in it. I've forgotten a lot of words, but I can usually figure out what someone is saying, especially if it's written out, and I can speak a little too still.
When Kati asked me to guest post, I thought about what I'd like to share with her readers. I decided I'd like to share one of my favorite dresses ever, and definitely one of my favorites for autumn. It's this burnt orange Dear Creatures dress that I got from Ruche a while back. I love it so much for many reasons, including the color, the shape, how comfortable it is, and how easy it is to layer with. Layering is essential in the fall and winter for me. If I could, I'd wear a blanket as a dress. Winter and I are not friends.
I've remixed this dress so many times because I love it so much, and it lends well to being remixed. It's great to wear over a collared shirt, under a cardigan, to dress up, and to dress down. It's one of those colors that can be worn with a lot of different colors to create a ton of interesting combinations. Here's some of the other ways I've styled this dress:
23rd Birthday Celebrations
I'm Bringing Autumn Back
Throughout The Seasons
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
"Delicious Autumn! My Very Soul Is Wedded To It."
You may not have guessed, but one fact about me is that autumn is my favorite season. I love the fall foliage, the pumpkin and apple treats, going apple picking, celebrating Halloween, and the weather is always perfect. Plus I'm an October baby. :) I wear this dress the most in the fall, mostly because of the color. It's just so pumpkiny! Fall is when I'm most inspired and it's my favorite time of the year to put outfits together.
Dress: Dear Creatures//Sweater: H&M//Tights: Apt. 9//Shoes: Mudd//Belt: Forever 21
I also love to bake, and fall is a great time of the year to bake. Almost everything is spiced with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and other yummy spices. I usually like to bake cookies the most, but lately I've been wanting to bake more pies. For Thanksgiving, I've been designated the pumpkin pie maker, so I will be making my very first pumpkin pie ever. I'm pretty excited! I also plan to make my pumpkin bread that I love to bake every year in the fall.
Please visit my blog and check out all my other fall outfits and adventures! You can also watch the progression of me hating winter more and more as it gets colder and colder. I assure you, it will probably be entertaining. I also recently did a Harry Potter-themed series of outfits, so if you're a Potterhead like me, you'll definitely appreciate it! Thanks to Kati for allowing me to guest post here. I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings. Auf Wiedersehen! :)

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Yes, it's that time again and I encourage you to work with AS - be it a sidebanner advertisement, a giveaway, a review... - simply shoot me an e-mail to AlmostStylish(at)gmail(dot)com! As always, you can find details on my sponsor page.


Swapping Stuff is Good!

Vor ein paar Wochen war ich bei einer Tauschparty - organisiert von Anne, haben sich Julia, Klara, Julia und meine Wenigkeit zusammengefunden um Bastelmaterialien und Klamotten zu tauschen. Ich hatte meinen veganen Schokokuchen beigesteuert und lustig tauschten wir den ganzen Abend so vor uns hin und alle sind mit Haufen toller neuer Sachen nach Hause gegangen. Ich habe (unter anderem) dieses tolle Kleid ergattert, so gemütlich, einfach und easy zu stylen, ich mag's!

A few weeks ago I went to a swap party organised by Anne. Her, Julia, Klara, Julia and myself gathered to swap craft supplies and clothes. I made my vegan chocolate cake as a contribution and we all swapped our stuff like crazy and went home with great new things, one of which was this dress. It's so comfy, and simple, and easy to style, and I like it. Period.

Ich kann jedem nur empfehlen, bei einer solchen Tauschparty teilzunehmen oder selbst eine zu organisieren! Wenn ihr das lest, bin ich übrigens schon bei einer großen Familienfeier und bin wahrscheinlich vollgestopft mit Kuchen und erwarte das Abendessen. So muss es sein! Habt ein tolles Wochenende, meine Lieben!

I can highly recommend taking part in such a swap party or organising one yourself! By the way, when you red this I will already be at a big family birthday party and will probably be stuffed with cake and wait for dinner. That's how it has to be! Have a great weekend, you guys!

Dress: swapped // scarf, vest, belt: second hand // tights: don't remember // shoes: H&M

Scarf, coat: H&M


Vegan Apple Cake Recipe

Und mal wieder ein herbstlicher Kuchen - ist ja schließlich auch die passende Jahreszeit! Dieser ist nach dem Rezept hier entstanden, leider aber nicht so fluffig und saftig geworden wie ich es gern habe. Das nächste Mal kommt also etwas mehr Öl dazu und evtl. auch Apfelmus.

And an autumny cake again - after all, it's the right season for these, right? This one was made using this recipe, yet it didn't turn out as fluffy and moist as I usually like it. Next time I'll add a little more oil and maybe even mashed apple.


Three Things Thursday

Gelbe Blätter und Nebel am Morgen. Packen fürs Wochenende. Nüsse mit Honig und Chili rösten.

Yellow leaves and fog in the morning. Packing for the weekend. Roasting nuts with honey and chili.


Panda at the Harbour

Ich liebe diesen Hafen - ich weiß nicht, warum wir hier nicht häufiger für Fotos herkommen! Als Hintergrund ist er toll, und jetzt wo es kalt wird sind auch nicht mehr so viel Menschen unterwegs, perfekt also für Fotos!

I love this harbour - I don't know why we don't come here for photos mor often! It is just great as a background and now that the weather is getting cold there are only few people around, so perfect for quick photo shoots!

Wie ich mein Kleid in den Bildern mit dem Pandagesicht versehen habe, könnt ihr hier nachlesen (und dann nachmachen!). Zur Zeit mag ich es total, meine Ringfinger in einer anderen Farbe als die restlichen Nägel zu lackieren - interessiert wahrscheinlich niemanden, aber ich wollte es doch mal erwähnt haben!

How I put that panda bear face on the dress that I'm wearing in the pictures, you can read here (and then do ir yourself!). At the moment I'm totally into painting my ring fingers a different colour then the rest of the nails - probably totally not interesting for anyone but I just wanted to mention it!

Hat, shoes: H&M // dress: second hand and DIY // cardigan: second hand // bag: Primark // scarf: hand-me-down


Yellow Skirt Upcycling

Diesen Rock hier habe ich Second Hand gekauft - zu groß, zu lang, aber doch so toll, dass ich ihn mitnehmen musste! Ein perfekter Kandidat für ein kleines Umstyling, zumal er auch nur 1 € gekostet hatte.

I bought this skirt second hand - too large, too long and yet so nice that I had to take it with me! A perfect candidate for some re-styling, especially since it had only costed me 1 €.

Zuerst wurden gut 10 cm abgeschnitten, die Naht vernäht und der Rock auch enger gemacht, damit er mir gut passt.

First thing, I cut about 10 cm off and hemmed the bottom seam. I also took the whole skirt in so it would actually fit me around my waist.

Als nächstes habe ich dunkelblaue Zackellitze gekauft, am unteren Saum festgesteckt und -genäht.

Next, I bought dark blue ribbon, pinned it to the bottom seam and sewed it in place.

Und fertig! Ein relativ schnelles und einfaches Make-Over, dass jeder mit einer Nähmaschine ganz schnell nachmachen kann.

And done! A relatively easy and quick make over that everyone with a sewing machine can do in no time at all!


Plaid Shirt for the Last Autumn Days

Lasst euch nicht täuschen - es war echt ganz schön kalt ohne Jacke. Mittlerweile sind die Temperaturen im einstelligen Bereich, und um fünf ist es stockdunkel. Aidan und ich haben trotzdem gute Laune, da wir heute beide frei haben (Aidan muss auch oft am Wochenende ran) und daher einen ganzen Tag für uns. Ich werde den restlichen Nachmittag noch mit Weihnachtsgeschenkevorbereitungen verbringen - und ihr so?

Don't let these photos fool you - it was really cold without a jacket. At the moment, the temperatures are in the one digit range (Celsius, of course!) and it is pitch-black by five. Aidan and I are in a good mood nevertheless since we both have a day off (Aidan often has to work at the weekends) and we therefore have a full day for us. I will spend the rest of the afternoon with Christmas gift preparations - and you guys?

Die Brille habe ich von Firmoo, einem Online-Anbieter für Brillen und Sonnbrillen und von dem ihr sicherlich schon gehört habt. Die erste Brille gibt es umsonst, was ein ganz guter Deal ist! Meine Brille ist nämlich kein Accessoire, sondern wirklich eine Sehhilfe für mich - normalerweise trage ich Kontaktlinsen, habe aber manchmal einfach Lust auf Brille. Wenn ihr Blogger seid und auch mit Firmoo kooperieren wollt, klickt hier!

I received these glasses from Firmoo, an online shop for glasses and sunglasses which I'm sure you have heard of before. You can get the first pair for free, which is a pretty good deal I think! My glasses are not just an accessory for me, but truly an optical aid - I usually wear contact lenses yet just sometimes feel like donning glasses. What I like about my pair here is that it is very light and doesn't hurt your nose as much. If you are a blogger and want to cooperate with Firmoo, too, click here

Scarf, shirt, skirt: second hand // belt, bag, shoes: hand-me-down // glasses c/o Firmoo


Three Things Thursday

Kaffee am Morgen. Weihnachtsgeschenkewerkstatt wurde eröffnet! Indisch essen gehen.

Coffee in the morning. Christmas crafts commence! Going out for Indian food.

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