How to Turn a Skirt into a Dress

8/19/2013 05:10:00 pm

Um einen (zu) langen Rock in ein Kleid verwandeln, braucht man nicht viel. Zuallererst einen Rock natürlich - diesen hier hat meine Schwester mal second hand gekauft, dann mit Stofffarbe die Vögel draufgemalt und schließlich mir überlassen. Dann noch Maßband, 2m Borte, Nadel und Faden, Schere.

You don't need much to turn a (too) long skirt into a dress. First of all, a skirt of course - my sister bought this one second hand ages ago, then painted on the birds with the fabric paint and eventually gave it to me. Then you need a measuring tape, 2m ribbon, thread and needle, scissors.

1. Die Seitennähte oben etwas auftrennen - wenn es keine gibt, einfach die Seiten einschneiden. Die Seiten umschlagen und vernähen, damit nichts aufdröselt und das Ganze schön sauber aussieht.

1. Undo the seams at the sides - if there are none, simply cut the sides. Turn inwards and sew together so that the whole things doesn't come undone and it looks nice.

2. Jetzt das Band so lang wie die vordere Partie schneiden. Feststecken und mit passendem Faden annähen. Das Ganze an der Rückenpartie wiederholen.

2. Now cut the ribbon as long as the front of the dress. Pin and sew on with a matching thread. Repeat on the back side.

3. Nun die Trägerlänge ausmessen und den Rest der Borte zurechtschneiden. Ein bisschen länger schneiden als die Träger, damit ihr Spielraum zum festnähen habt.

3. Now measure the length for the straps and cut the ribbon to the desired length. Cut it a bit longer than you want the straps so you have enough surplus to sew it on.

Und fertig! Geht ganz einfach! // And done! It's so easy!


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  1. voll hübsch ! in deinem fall ist es schon eher ein kleid, aber man kann so auch aus kürzeren röcken (die einem vllt ZU kurz sind) ein shirt machen :) <3

  2. This is pretty awesome DIY Kati c: well done!
    You can turn it into a tote bag I think :P Xx

  3. super cute idea! xo

  4. You always seem to amaze me with your talent great job.

  5. I love that you are so crafty. :-)
    and cute dress!

  6. how fun! This is so adorable!

  7. Great idea!!!
    We follow you with gfc and bloglovin!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  8. Great tutorial, you're so creative :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  9. This is adorable! Bookmarking to try later :)

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  10. Great job!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  11. omg i love the way it turned out! super cute diy :D

  12. Nice work ! i love the result :)
    xoxox i followed you hope u do the same :)

  13. Kati-

    You seriously, and I mean seriously have the best DIY's! This is the best idea, and so useful! I have often wondered how to do this very thing, in fact! Thanks so much for sharing and I will have to try it out sometime :) The dress looks super cute on you btw, you did a great job!

    xo, Alyssa

  14. super cute diy :)..I love the birds on the dress!

  15. This is such a fun DIY! You look adorable!

    Xo, Hannah

  16. What a great tutorial, how cute! I love how that skirt turned out, it makes such a cute dress! :)


  17. This is really helpful !! Thanx :)

    New Post up...

  18. Das ist ja sooo süss :)
    Absolut Du!!

  19. Awesome, thanks for sharing :)

  20. Wonderful. I would love to try this.

  21. wow! amazing. like this idea. <3
    i follow your blog.

    to welcome:

  22. Aw wow, this is such a brilliant idea, love your creativity! The dress came out fantastically!Thank you for your visit sweetie, have a great Tuesday!

  23. Very useful! You are super talented.

  24. This is SUCH a good idea, and it looks so simple to do! I never would have thought of this. Your dress looks really great, I love the colour of the ribbon with the red xx

  25. I love this! Most people make dresses into skirts, but you did the opposite :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  26. Super Idee! Schoenes Kleid!

  27. aw! this is such a adorable dress! A great and easy to follow DIY project. You are awesome dear Kati!
    I hope you enjoy my DIY (recently posted ^_^ )

  28. hi dear, accidentally I came to your blog and I must say I am amazed at your DIY's . thanks and keep them coming!!


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