Guest Post: Sara of Swing the Day Away

11/26/2013 05:20:00 pm

I'm taking a little break from blogging and asked the lovely Sara if she wanted to guest post - she's a favourite blogger of mine and I'm so glad she is on my blog today!

Hello Almost Stylish readers! I'm Sara, and I blog over at Swing The Day Away. There you will find posts about outfits, recipes, travels, and life in general. I live in New England, so I'm very excited to be guest blogging on an international blog! I took German in college and I loved the language because it's so different from English. Unfortunately, I never became really fluent in it. I've forgotten a lot of words, but I can usually figure out what someone is saying, especially if it's written out, and I can speak a little too still.

When Kati asked me to guest post, I thought about what I'd like to share with her readers. I decided I'd like to share one of my favorite dresses ever, and definitely one of my favorites for autumn. It's this burnt orange Dear Creatures dress that I got from Ruche a while back. I love it so much for many reasons, including the color, the shape, how comfortable it is, and how easy it is to layer with. Layering is essential in the fall and winter for me. If I could, I'd wear a blanket as a dress. Winter and I are not friends.
I've remixed this dress so many times because I love it so much, and it lends well to being remixed. It's great to wear over a collared shirt, under a cardigan, to dress up, and to dress down. It's one of those colors that can be worn with a lot of different colors to create a ton of interesting combinations. Here's some of the other ways I've styled this dress:
23rd Birthday Celebrations
I'm Bringing Autumn Back
Throughout The Seasons
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
"Delicious Autumn! My Very Soul Is Wedded To It."
You may not have guessed, but one fact about me is that autumn is my favorite season. I love the fall foliage, the pumpkin and apple treats, going apple picking, celebrating Halloween, and the weather is always perfect. Plus I'm an October baby. :) I wear this dress the most in the fall, mostly because of the color. It's just so pumpkiny! Fall is when I'm most inspired and it's my favorite time of the year to put outfits together.
Dress: Dear Creatures//Sweater: H&M//Tights: Apt. 9//Shoes: Mudd//Belt: Forever 21
I also love to bake, and fall is a great time of the year to bake. Almost everything is spiced with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and other yummy spices. I usually like to bake cookies the most, but lately I've been wanting to bake more pies. For Thanksgiving, I've been designated the pumpkin pie maker, so I will be making my very first pumpkin pie ever. I'm pretty excited! I also plan to make my pumpkin bread that I love to bake every year in the fall.
Please visit my blog and check out all my other fall outfits and adventures! You can also watch the progression of me hating winter more and more as it gets colder and colder. I assure you, it will probably be entertaining. I also recently did a Harry Potter-themed series of outfits, so if you're a Potterhead like me, you'll definitely appreciate it! Thanks to Kati for allowing me to guest post here. I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings. Auf Wiedersehen! :)

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  1. such a lovely dress!

    toller post - ich liebe guestposts!

  2. Sara you look beautiful in that dress doll. Its so kind of Kati to let you be a part of her post.

  3. I love seeing one piece styled differently through out the seasons. I love guest posts. You should do more. I might try and submit one to see if your interested. As usual. I love your posts.

  4. I love your outfit and also the background! especially with the leaves :)

  5. The colour of this dress is so perfect! You're right, it does look good layered, espeically with a cardigan on top xx

  6. Oh wie toll :) und einen süssen Style has sie auch!

  7. When I think of you, I think of that dress actually! It is in your avatar to be fair. But it's definitely a winner on your site. I love it loads, and the blue version I've seen floating around too. I think with the dark blue shirt under has to be my favourite version.

  8. What a pretty dress! It's impossible not to look good in it))) Lovely outfits! Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  9. Beautiful dresses and cute girl :)

  10. I also love this hue! I own some pieces in different shades of orange :) Your dress is very pretty and I really like how you styled it for different occasions. It's great meeting you via this post, so happy Kati got to have as a guest blogger :)
    best wishes!

  11. that is an adorable dress on her

  12. she really looks lovely in that dress! :D love how she styled it in so many ways!!

    Animated Confessions

  13. Hey cool blog, just wondering what anti-spam software program you use for comments as a result of i get heaps on my blog. Anyway, in my language, there usually are not a lot good source like this.
    jeux de ninja

    1. Can't find a way to comment on your blog for some reason...I don't use any anti-spam software, I simply delete the spam comments that are luckily not too numerous!
      Sorry I couldn't really help...


  14. You have really found so many different ways to style that cute orange dress!

  15. Ooooh, great guest post! I love her mustardy orange dress and how she's worn it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  16. Such a cute dress! Love this style!

  17. great colors perfect for this seasson ;)

  18. Chris - @nylonlover69 on Twitter27 November, 2013 18:50

    It's easy to see why you love this dress so much, as it looks fantastic on you!

  19. her dress is so much pretty I love the colour!

  20. (; Reb, xoxo.

    *Sul mio blog c'è un nuovo post, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  21. She has such a lovely style just like you dear : )

  22. She's so gorgeous! I absolutely love how versatile that dress it, it suits with anything, and perfect colour too! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  23. I love this dress! Totally beautiful!

  24. such a pretty outfit ! i love the cardigan :) Happy thanksgiving from your new follower :) please follow back ;) xx

  25. What a darling dress!

    I simply love your blog… you definitely have a new follower! ;)

    XOXO- Lydia

  26. That is a pretty dress and totally enjoyed all the many ways you have styled it. Thanks for sharing Sara. Nice of you Kat to introduce us to another amazing blogger like you.

  27. Aww, this guest post is so cute! I love her festive dress, it's so versatile and the color is amazing!

    Xo, Hannah

  28. such a lovely guest post! I suppose I have now a new blog to explore!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

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