Outfit Shot Bloopers Pt. 16

2/07/2017 08:16:00 pm

Und Runde 16 - einige Bilder sind aus März 2016, hab also schon lange keine mehr gepostet! Wenn ihr eure Blooper bei mir veröffentlichen wollt, schickt sie einfach in einer Mail an almoststylish(at)gmail.com! Für mehr Bloopers, einfach auf den Link klicken!

And round 16 - some of these images date back to march 2016, so I haven't done a post like this in a while! If you want your bloopers to be published on my blog, simply send me an email to almoststylish(at)gmail.com! For more bloopers, just follow this link!


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  1. Great outfits! You look adorable,I love the o r in the snow 💗
    Have a lovely day sweetie!

  2. Ha! I love these, particularly because I have also done every single one of them. There's humor in their truth.

  3. You are a frikkin sexy model. My photography class is making me find models for portrait shots, and I wish I could just grab some of my favorite bloggers like you and make you model for me, haha! - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  4. haha these are so funny, I always delete mine but I love that you saved them

  5. I like that yellow bag, you should use it again in your photos

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Lovely, Kati!
    You are so cute anytime!!


  8. Awesome! Great post dear.

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  9. Ahh, was für amüsante Bilder! Gerne mehr solcher Posts :)
    Ich lese deinen Blog wirklich unglaublich gerne, Liebes!

    Ganz liebe Grüße, Julia ☾ | www.serendipityblog.de

  10. :) ich finde die Outtakes klasse!!
    Liebe Grüße!

  11. You have a nice casual chic style, my favorite look of yours is the monochrome outfit with lace tights, so adorable! <3



  12. Teilweise finde ich Outtakes fast noch besser, als die normalen Bilder! :D

    Liebe Grüße,
    Jana von bezauberndenana.de

  13. these are such great posts! :-) though, some of these don't even seem like bloopers and you just look effortlessly cool, haha! xx


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